March 2020
10 new membership
slots available
Telepat North is a private coders club for bright minds everywhere focused on continuous learning and personal development.
March 2020
10 new membership slots available
North members are evangelists & practitioners of the Code
North members have access to awesome & exclusive Benefits
North members are pitched by the world's top Companies
The Code
The Code is short for Telepat North's Ethical, Professional and Personal Code, and consists of a set of commitments that every North member makes to himself and his peers.
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The club provides members with free access to books, courses or any personalised learning resources they need to grow as technology professionals.
Free books of
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Free e-courses
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Yearly North
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Career mentorship
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Or a custom perk
North membership is free forever.
We invest in members by providing them with the free learning resources of their choice and free professional coaching.
If we’re able to match members with an employer company, we charge the company a monthly fee that goes back into providing benefits for members and growing the community.
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Club invitations are also extended to people with outstanding North 360 snapshots. In just 40-50 minutes, this tool allows you to assess your experience, cognitive and emotional ability as well as culture and values.
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Create your North 360 profile in about 40-50 minutes by answering 4 well structured tests (that can be retaken yearly).
Our evaluation offers a complete professional profile: we test mental and emotional aptitude, as well as experience and personality.
Our tests are derived from academically approved scales that have been vetted by decades of research.
Reduce hiring bias with an anonymous profile that strips out personal data focusing on relevant ability and experience.
Creating a North 360 profile fast-tracks you to the final stage of our evaluation for your exclusive Telepat North Membership that offers:
Access to our exclusive member Benefits: Books, Courses, North Swag.
Unrestricted access to an elite community of like minded individuals.
Job offers from the most innovative technology companies.