What’s Telepat North about?
Telepat North is an exclusive community for coders everywhere focused on continuous learning and professional development. Membership is free and invite-based, with batches of ten to twenty invites being issued monthly.
The club provides members with free access to books, courses or any personalized learning resources they need to grow as technology professionals.
Who can become a member?
We’re open to bright minds everywhere focused on continuous learning and professional development.
Our members:
have a great story about why they do what they do, and about where they’re going.
aim to become globally-impacting top professionals in their fields within years.
communicate efficiently and are proficient in English.
look to best practices for guidance when it comes to craft, methodology or security.
Does it cost to be a member?
No. North membership is forever free.
What benefits do members get?
A subscription to the yearly North Mistery Box.
Access to the Career Advancement Program.
Access to member-only North events and all the North community.
The standard benefits package contains:

One book of choice every two months, paid by the club.
One paid course of choice, on any learning platform, every three months.
We're also open to custom benefits packages, tailored together with each member to fit their individual needs and our budget.
What are members committing to?
Honouring, maintaining and advocating the Code.
Openly sharing their knowledge and experience.
Contributing more to open source.
Improving their communication/language skills.
Improving their coding skills.
Reading more, writing more.
Going to more professional events and gatherings.
Encouraging their peers to take the same approach towards excellence.
How long does it last?
Membership is lifetime. Members have perpetual access to the community, and it is our aim for them to have perpetual access to all benefits as well. Currently, we're able to offer 6 months of active benefit access for all members.
What’s “the Code”?
The Code is short for Telepat North’s Ethical, Professional and Personal Code, and consists of a set of commitments that every North member makes to himself and his peers.
Why North?
Your career is your responsibility. It is not your employer’s responsibility to make sure you are marketable. It is not your employer’s responsibility to train you, or to send you to conferences, or to buy you books. These things are your responsibility. Woe to the software developer who entrusts his career to his employer. (Robert C. Martin - The Clean Coder)
Telepat North's members are driven by the knowledge that professional growth is a personal responsability.
The club provides resources and support to members on their continuous growth path, and aims to emulate the dynamics of a startup accelerator within a community of exceptional coders, by investing in the accumulation and distribution of knowledge.
How do I join?
Candidates need to receive an invitation from an existing North member and jump on a 30-minute call with a group of senior crew members.

The talk will revolve around:
Drive, motivations & goals.
Vision on the Code.
Professional skills.
Communication skills.
Candidates can fast-track to the final stage of our evaluation by creating a Telepat North 360 profile:
Create profile