The Handbook
Members commit to honor [the Code](
Members are skilled enough to efficiently communicate in technical language with people from around the world. Members are proficient in English.
For every received benefit, members contribute the sum of their gained knowledge and experience back to the community.
Post a message on the #preach channel about how your club benefit impacted you:
How did the benefit (book, course, subscription etc.) make you better?
What are the most important things you've learned? Share some quotes or some learnings.
What tips do you have for other club members that might be interested in the same benefit?
Don't lurk. Finish reading the books, attend the courses, do the hard work to actually become a better you. Then #preach.
Be present on the North Slack and ready to share knowledge with your peers that ask for help.
Apply learnings to North Demo projects.
Read your peer's standups, and see if there are any blockers you can help out with or things you can recommend. Reach out personally and offer your support.
Every two months, members deliver a personal standup to showcase their professional progress, goals and issues.
Post a message on the #standup channel, describing:
Things you've done in the past two months to become better
Aspects you're planning to work on improving next
Things that feel like blockers for your growth
Emphasize your plan for growth, and how you're using North club resources, benefits and community, to implement it.
Emphasize what you've done to give back and distribute knowledge:
Contributions to open-source
StackOverflow activity
Teaching / Public speaking
The first standup will be right after onboarding. We'll then work out standup dates for each member.
Each batch of new members will work as a team to produce a Batch Demo project.
Batch Demo projects span six months and target producing work that improves technological practices and concepts.
The outcome is anything between a solid tech article/paper and an open-source piece of software. It's up to members.
Batch members propose topics and vote to choose the subject of their Demo project.
Details on the proposed topics, proposing a topic and voting for a specific topic will be posted on the batch channel.
It's up to members to self-coordinate to get the project done.
Conclusions, as well as possible research project artifacts, including papers, presentations, articles, datasets or code, will be presented to the community using the #demo channel at the end of any project.
All research project artifacts and knowledge will be made freely available to the world. Any code will be open-sourced.
Members receive a yearly North mystery box.
The first box is sent out as soon as you're onboarded.
Expect swag and funky smart products.
Suggestions for things to be included in the next box are always welcome.
Every two months, members can receive a book of their choice.
Post a message to the #benefits channel, making the case for why the book you chose will make you into a better professional.
Every three months, members receive access to an online e-learning course of their choice.
Same rules as with books apply.
Members can enroll in the Career Advancement Program.
The program offers free career and personal marketability coaching to get a feel for your alignment with the requirements of top tech companies.
Members can also opt into a custom benefit package.
You can get free access to tools or subscriptions to services that will help you grow professionally.
All available benefit package options will be discussed during onboarding.
While we'd like to make even the most expensive learning materials available to every member, we're just not there yet financially. In some cases, we might need to decline requests that we can't honor. We'll justify that decision each time.
Recruitment and Onboarding
Membership is free and invite-based, with batches of ten to twenty invites being issued periodically.
Members can recommend persons they judge worthy of North membership.
To submit a candidate, post a message on the #candidates channel with a short but powerful case in favor of that person.
Candidates that choose to pursue membership will need to read the Code and have a 30-minute video call with the North crew. The talk will revolve around:
drive, motivations, goals
vision on the Code
professional skills
communication skills
After candidates get their admission email, we'll:
ask them to thoroughly read this handbook
work with them on setting up their North 360 profile
As soon as the profile is set up, we'll introduce the new member to our Slack community.
Observe the #code-updates and #handbook-updates channels for important updates to document sources.
Use #overflow to ask for technical support.
Use #random for funny or personal messages.
Use #preach to distribute knowledge. Any great professional content you want to share also belongs here.
Use #standup for recurrent standups.
Use #demo to showcase their Batch Demo projects.
Use #benefits to request your benefits.
Use #candidates to check for openings and post cases for candidates.
Use #general to post notifications and messages that don't fall into categories above to the entire community.